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Thank you for interest in my service. Before we schedule a consultation, it is great to start with this simple survey. It helps you and I have an idea for the best way to get the process started.
After I review the survey, we will connect and discuss. Next we schedule a consultation to see colors, lengths and discuss the application.

From there, we order the hair and schedule appointment and the fun the begins.

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Hair Extension Survey

A short hair extension survey to see how we can help you towards getting longer and fuller hair.

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    *Frequently Asked Questions

    • What is special about Great Lengths Hair Extensions.Great Lengths are the best quality hair extensions you can find. The hair is 100% ethical traceable human hair. The hair is of the finest quality, 100% remy. The processing process ensures the hair thickness to be the same from end to end. This is the most natural confirmed hair you can possibly find. The bonding methods are of superior effectiveness, to ensure longest last results and seamless. The bonds can me unseen to the human eye when administered properly
    • Can they be colored?The hair already comes in wide variety of colors. This includes natural colors and vivid colors. Vivid colors are great for a little accent of color within your natural hair. We can use multi color to make a beautiful ensemble. During the consultation we can take out samples and match your overall desired hair color. The options allow for matches to be incredibly close.
    • Expected CostsYou may have no idea what the pricing may be like, and depending on what you are getting done it can vary. I like to break it down in this sense, just to give you an idea. The first bracket is for more full hair, something that gives your hair more body but not length. This bracket can fall in the $700 to $2,000 price point. If you are looking for more length and body, the starting point is $2,000 and goes up from there.
    • Tape ins vs. Keratin BondsKeratin bonds are small bonds that get heated and bonded to your hair in tiny strands. The application is a straight row across your hair. The bonds are so small that you cannot even see the extensions. They take 4+ hours to administer. The bonds can last with little to no maintenance for 4-6 months. Tape ins are incredibly long lasting adhesive made to attach to hair. This method can be taken out more often, being every 2-3 months. There are pros and cons for each and we will discuss what is best for you during the consultation.Thank you for your interest and taking the time to fill out this survey. I look forward to talking with you!