Can my hair grow faster? – Yes Please!

Being a hair extension specialist, I am often asked -“How can I help my hair grow faster” There are many rumors our there, and unfortunately many are not be true. However, after I thought about it, I think there are some misunderstandings and needs some explaining. These rumors can help hair, but directly do not make hair grow physically faster. I think this would be a great thing to write about!

1. Trimming your hair makes it grow faster


Blog about making hair grow faster with healthy hair, and hair extensions

We’ve all heard it before, and might have seen it! Are our eyes lying to us? When we trim our hair, it’s a valid thought to think it helps the hair grow faster. What is that? Is it an illusion or what? Well, let me break this down because despite it may be a myth it does have some truth to what you are seeing.

What word we need to change here is faster to stronger. Yes, stronger – that’s it!

As your hair grows and you reach your 6-8 week trim appointment, what has happened is your ends have naturally weakened. Your hair has some split ends, and if not consistently trimmed the damage at the end will travel up the strands of hair. The end of your hair is what takes the beating. It is the oldest and it’s at the end of the rope.. Once the brittle effect begins, you may see a little frizz or thinning happening at the ends. This brittle effect works its way up and damages the strand giving it the thin look. Also by having older split ends they will cause breakage and make your hair appear shorter. By trimming it, this snips the old ends, and a new end blossoms, strong and ready to be the oldest part and be the leader. It’s like a refresher.

Now you have a fresh strong end and if routinely trimmed, there is no damage going up the hair. Now without a speedy growth miracle, your hair looks more full and longer. The trim is stopping the damage from carrying up, causing your hair to altogether be more healthy and strong looking til the cycle repeats itself and your hair continues its journey of growth.

To go back to where I began, trimming allows for stronger hair not faster! It’s more of an illusion, what you’re seeing is the maintenance doing it’s job.  Still though, trimming your hair does promote the groundwork for healthy hair to continue to grow.

Either way, a trim sure does make it look good and fresh!

2. Brushing hair 100 times a night makes my hair grow faster.


Hair brush techniques for healthy hair

This is definitely a long time myth. For years I have been asked this, and I believe I even heard this before I began my career in hair. I get it though, it stems from thinking the hair separated from each other is creating a perfect individual strand not knotted up and allowing for growth as you rest. As common as this myth is, it is actually the opposite! It can actually cause damage to your hair. Everything needs to be done in moderation and brushing included.

Your hair is a fiber and weakens and breaks eventually. The brushing has an effect that can cause excessive friction on the hair when brushed too often. This weakens the hair and causes a thinned out and frizzy look, so your hair may actually look shorter! Also, if you are experiencing hair loss, this can add unwanted stress to your hair if done excessively.

A good example that comes to mind is when you get a brand new 1000 thread count bedding sheets! Love it!, but if you wash those sheets every other day, they will lose that special lovely feeling. They eventually begin to break down, just like excessively brushing your hair. Plus, who wants to wash sheets and remake a bed every other day anyways!

If you are an excessive brusher by habit, I recommend smooth plastic brushes or a wide tooth comb for that. Something that is soft that will still detangle without stress.

If you ever cheat and the hair growth game and get hair extension service from me, I do give a very particular brush. The brush that comes with my hair extension service is meant for brushing every three days as a maintenance and to keep the hair separated and not knotting. You want to keep your hair nice and straight to allow for relief on the keratin bonds. Still though, you may be brushing your hair 3 times a day but not 100 brushes. I go over all the home maintenance when you get hair extensions to ensure healthy long last hair.

I highly recommend this brush, you can check these brushes out in my salon.

3. Sleeping with your hair down promotes faster hair growth.



Asheville – Lavender & Lace, Chelsea Goode – Hair Salon shares healthy growing hair techniques


This is another night time remedy I get asked about often. The truth though, is that it goes back to taking care of your hair and treating it well results in a healthy looking head of hair. Sleeping with your hair down is another method to offer your hair a  pleasant environment. This gives your hair as little stress as possible to prevent split ends and damage. By sleeping  with your hair down, there is minimal stress on it. If your like me, you’re getting a whole 5 hours of stress free hair! I know it should be 8 hours, I wish! Still, the hair will not grow any quicker, but you are ensuring that it has a protected environment to slow the process of damage which gives the thinned out look.

Sounds like this is another optical illusion but a good habit with good results nonetheless. If you are the type of person who must have it up, I would recommend tying it up very loose like, just enough to keep to your comfort, but not over tight.

Pro Tip: Since we are talking about all these bedtime hair myths. One thing that is true is a silk pillowcase can help your hair and your skin hydration. The silk texture is so relaxed for your hair, that it offers smoother and less frizzy hair in the morning! For your skin it can help with lines and wrinkles. Who would’ve thought!

Sounds like we busted some myths!

I wouldn’t say they were completely untrue. Perhaps worded too literal and needed a little explanation. To drop some science, here is what the American Academy of Dermatology says. They say hair grows half of an inch a month. That is a whole 6 inches per year! Study shows it can vary slightly per person, but that is safe to say is the average. Your fun fact is hair grows every second, all the time. Hair is always growing!

But with 6” a year, you might be thinking about that hair extension consultation!


Grow fast with hair extensions! Full color options with length and body.

So yes, what does promote hair growth?

Well, based on what we learned, let me word that last sentence better. What promotes healthy growth conditions for your hair? Believe it or not, your diet plays a huge part.  Yes, foods, what you’re putting in your body for nutrients. For my next blog I think I will cover foods and a diet that promotes healthy hair growth.

I hope you enjoyed my first blog. I hope it was a pleasant break in your busy day, and you learned something new. Lastly, with all this talk about quick hair growth I can’t help to say I know and specialize in something that does make hair look longer real quick. Hair extensions is the one thing that would increase hair length, without any brushing or sleeping method techniques! Much faster than six inches in a year. If you want the shortcut, book a consultation with me and perhaps I can help speed things up!

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